The pros of sharing a room in uni halls…


Going off to uni can be very daunting. For most students it will be your first time away from home, without the comfort of your parent’s home cooked meals or your mum’s words of wisdom, no sibling to pick fights with when you’re bored, and you haven’t got your dad to come and pick you up when you’re out in the early hours and you’ve spent all your taxi money on cheesy chips. So being at uni without these fall-backs can sometimes make you feel quite lonely. Most British universities today offer individual rooms for each of their students whilst they live in halls. But on the off-chance you get put into a shared room, do not panic. Yes, it’s a little scary but give it a chance, it may turn out to be a really great decision. So here is why sharing a room can be a lot of fun**:

  1. There is always someone there. On your first day you have an instant friend so you don’t have to face the awkward knocking down the corridor, meeting your new flatmates for the next year, by yourself. Having someone there also means post-night out chats. If you’re close enough you’ll find yourself getting into bed together and discussing all the drama of the night. It’s like being a weird two-headed creature; two sets of eyes and two pairs of ears… between the two of you, you know ALL the gossip.
  2. 16466030_10154938066509898_1154310936_o.pngMidnight snacks together. When you fancy a pizza at 2am but can’t afford a whole one to yourself (you are a student after-all) you can pair up and share that extortionately priced Dominos and feel gross the next day together.

  3. You always have someone to hang out with or go to uni events with. Turns out another human being is a just a constant source of entertainment. They know you so well and always know how to make you laugh. You also never feel like a loner turning up to fresher events.

  4. There are no such thing as secrets. So when you once would have bottled-up all those feelings awaiting a mighty explosion, with a roommate you find yourself blurting out everything to them all the time and if you don’t your roommate will probably sense your feels and force it out of you.
  5. There is also no such thing as getting locked out your room. They are always there to let you in. So when you’ve lost your key and your dignity in a scummy club and you’re sat outside the door tapping away, there’s always someone there to carry you in.

  6. Likewise, they will often be there to carry you home and put you in the recovery position when you’ve had one too many. Similarly, there is always someone there to look after you when you’re ill (or laugh at you depending how the mood takes them and what kind of illness you are suffering with). She’ll stroke your hair, shove a bucket by your bed and pick you up all those treats you want from the shop but are just too weak to go and get for yourself.

    When the heels and alcohol combo get too much – no longer a problem when you have a roommate willing to carry you home
  7. You have a personal photographer. You care about each other and look out for each other on a night out but equally you don’t ever want them to forget the embarrassing stuff they get up to. It also makes for hilarious morning-after snapchat reviews… that’s before she threatens to kill you unless you delete them and so you do and you quickly move on and agree never to talk about last night’s dramas ever again.

  8. You can leave your room for a night out looking like a goddess and return looking like the girl from The Ring without any judgement. You’ll both do it so who cares.

  9. You can play amazing pranks on each other. The main downside to having a roommate is that even when you go away someone else always has the key to your room. But if you’re the one left behind, this can be endless fun. Tip: wrapping your roommate’s entire half of the room in newspaper provides copious amounts of joy as you have to watch them unwrap every single one of their belongings for the next 5 weeks…
  10. You have two wardrobes and two of everything.

  11. You have someone else who just gets it.1780164_10152819892739898_5118058577336890985_o When it’s raining and lectures just don’t appeal to you that day you can just stay in together, build a fort, throw open Netflix and reassure each other that you’re both fine and missing one day won’t hurt… and fast forward to final term when you are still doing this and it’s reassuring to know you are in this together… for better or worse.

  12. Make each other work out. Sometimes the gym or a trip to the pool just doesn’t seem worth it but when you have someone to drag you out of bed and to go be productive with, it’s that little bit easier. Plus, lying about how much exercise you’ve done is much easier as you’ll have someone to cover your back. You’ll find yourself on your 20th length of the pool before your roommate turns to you and says “call it a day and go get food?” to which you’ll nod and reply “tell everyone we did 100 lengths?” and just like that you can convince everyone else that you are productive human beings.

  13. 11081284_10153114660419898_5376579814000645543_nYou also never have to pre-drink on your own. And drinking games like “never have I ever” are all the more fun. You know everything about each other, you can see right through their bullshit but with just one look you know to keep quiet. Which is another thing, after just one term you’ll be able to say everything you need with just a simple look. You can have entire conversations with just a few twitches of the eye.

  14. Cleaning the room lot more fun together. Stick on a cheesy 90s pop playlist and dance around and it just doesn’t feel so much like a chore anymore. Also most double rooms are just bigger and better anyway than your typical cupboard-like uni bedroom.

  15. 1474573_10152714465819898_5214340264002992444_n
    She’ll make you take that cat you tried to sneak into the bedroom back. You’ll hate that she’s right.

    And finally, and possibly most importantly, you have someone to pull you away from making bad decisions. Whether it’s flirting with the wrong guy on a night out or pulling them back by their hood when they are about to step out in front of a car whilst looking at their phone, you have each other’s backs. When you’re feeling down and just filling any metaphorical emptiness you feel by refilling the quite literal online shopping basket with £100 worth of stuff but you only have £50 in your bank account… it is moments like this you have someone to confiscate your laptop and slap some sense into you. Ultimately you know what’s good for each other. 

So overall having a roommate is great because after living in the same room for a year nothing you can do can ever shock them… they just know and understand everything!

And after all, friends who pass out together, stay together…


**This all only works if your roommate isn’t a dick.

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